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Simonscans Gaping Galleries

Simonscans Alice Spreads Her Teen Pussy

Alice from Simonscans
Alice is a perky, tight little blonde from England with a body that just screams sex. She found out on this shoot that she loves to masturbate while being watched and filmed and got herself off numerous times. This little minx can't wait to show you how she stuffs her tight pussy with big toys and makes herself sopping wet! Watch Alice cum at Simonscans.
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Simonscans Charlene’s Gaping Pussy Is a Perfect 10

Charlene from Simonscans
Hi boys, I'm Charlene! I'm so VERY happy to be writing to you. I'm just a girl out to have fun and be as sexual as I can at my young age. I'm very horny and masturbate a couple times a day, usually. The men I date sometimes have a hard time keeping up with me, but I don't mind. As long as I have time for my toys and fingers, I'll be OK. I'm kind of an exhibitionist and like to sunbathe nude and be nude around the house while I am alone. It just feels more natural to feel the war, air on my pussy and tits. Simon said you guys like to see gaping pussy shots, so I hope you like these pics! I'll open my pussy up wide for you anytime!
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Simonscans Sylvie DeLux Shows Her Fabulous Pussy

Sylvie DeLux from Simonscans
Hello, gentlemen, I am Sylvie Delux. Simon is my favorite photographer to pose for so I go all out in my shoots with him. I can relax and enjoy myself and have no problem bringing myself to a real orgasm in these shoots. I like toys, but I prefer to get myself off with my fingers. I like to open my pussy up and gape as wide as I can and play with my clit for awhile before sticking anything inside. Sometimes I don't even bother with that. I get on all fours and just imagine I'm being teased by a nice big cock that is being stroked just outside my pussy but won't go inside. I rub my clit furiously and let my juices drip all over my hands as I get ready to cum. Then I will put a toy or my fingers inside myself just as I am starting to orgasm and that will take me over the top! It's too bad you're not here to tease me with your cock...
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Simonscans Gracie Puts Her Big Toy In Her Gaping Pussy

Gracie from Simonscans
Hello out there! I'm Gracie and Simonscans is the first site I've ever done nude shoots for. This is a way for me to let out my very naughty side without getting into trouble and it's very much a turn on to know that I'm being seen all over the world by guys with their hard cocks in their hands (I hope!). I like to keep my pussy trimmed or shaved so I can look down and see whatever is going into me. I love to watch my pussy being penetrated by a cock or a big toy. I do so love my toys! It frightens me to think of how many hours I've spent alone with my own dildo collection. Too many hours to count to be sure. A cock IS so much nicer though and nothing fake can compare. Do I have any volunteers? ;)
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Simonscans Martha Is a Pale Skinned Rude Beauty

Martha from Simonscans
Hi, Martha here. These pics are from my fourth shoot with Simonscans I think. I remember the first shoot well because I was itching to get naked and even started undressing in the car on the way to the location. I made Simon let me out and had him take some shots of me right where we were by the side of the road. I was feeling frisky and VERY horny. I don't know why but I've found that doing a photo shoot will make my pussy wetter than any man could. Maybe it's because I know that MANY men are looking at me and stroking their hard cocks and that's almost too much for me to take! By the way, if you can't tell I'm of a very pale skin tone and don't like to get too much sun exposure. I have very sensitive skin so if you're going to fuck me you need to be clean shaven and ready to go hard for quite awhile. I might be sensitive but I do like a good pounding! If you guys like me (and you'd better!) let me know below in the comments and Simon will hopefully let me get even ruder and do a video!
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Simonscans – Beautiful Kaitlin Gapes and Toys Her Ass

Kaitlin from Simonscans
Hello out there in simonscans land! I'm Kaitlin and I'm a 23 year old bar maid from Yorkshire and this is my first time doing nude modeling (or anal gaping shots, for that matter, hehe!). I like to fuck both men and women alike. Women are lovely because they are so much softer and more lickable. I could never give up a good hard cock though! My favorite is to do both a bloke and another girl at the same time though. There is nothing better than having a cock inside me while I lick a pretty, wet pussy to orgasm. Anyway, I hope you like my photos. I've got some nice videos coming soon too so make sure to find those as well. Tell me below if I make your cock hard ;)
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