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Simonscans Lia Fucks Her HUGE Dildo

Lia from Simonscans
Oh. My. God. Lia is a natural amateur beauty that just won't quit. She'll do anything to get off those who admire her and here's the proof. Her hairy pussy takes on a toy bigger than anything she's ever had inside of her before and WOW does she cum! When she pulls it out, there is so much pussy cum oozing out of her that even she can't believe it. Looking up at her beautiful pert breasts and over her natural hairy pussy would make any real man get hard. Who wouldn't love to have a chance to fuck her dripping cunt right there on that counter? She was sad that her poor pussy had only a toy to play with that day.
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Simonscans Lada Love Wants To Get Fucked

Lada Love from Simonscans
There's horny and then there's Lada Love. This blonde teen minx gets wetter than a cup of tea and just keeps going and going (and cumming and cumming!) Even though she's never done hardcore for the camera, Lada loves cock and pussy alike! She is always on the prowl for a new sexual experience and that's what brings her to Simonscans. She heard about how we push our girls to the limits with huge toys, gaping pussy and challenging them to REALLY cum for you guys, and she jumped right in. This blonde beauty will have lots more to show you soon, but for now enjoy these pics and let her know if you like her dripping wet pussy!
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Simonscans Lineta Takes Her Big Dildo In The Ass

Linet from Simonscans
Linet is a girl that oozes sexuality. She comes out of the gate on almost every Simonscans shoot being rude as hell and loving every minute of it. Her English is not very good, so she didn't feel comfortable writing her own post. She's a girl that only cares if her partner cums though, so she really wants to make sure she gets off every guy that might be watching her. She will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to make sure you cum. Of course, she loves to have an orgasm too, so she does in her videos. This petite minx has perfect tits and a pussy that she loves to open wide and gape for you. She'll fuck any toy thrown at her in every hole she has. Let us know what you want to see her do and we'll do our best to make it happen!
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Simonscans Laurel Anal Dildo Play

Laurel from Simonscans
Hello guys! I'm Laurel, here posting for the first time and getting a little excited just thinking about all the cum that might be spilled over my pictures. I really do hope I can make you cum, mmmm. The thought of you shooting your load on my perky tite and face makes me want to finger myself right here. I can't even tell you how worked up I get playing with myself during these shoots for Simonscans. I know we all say this, but it really is easy to let your hair down and get off while fucking one of these toys during a shoot. It's incredibly naughty feeling and that just makes me more excited! I might have to go use of of my own toys after I get done writing this. I'm in a very sexual state of mind now and I think I'm just going to have to cum to get on with my day! Let me know if you do too! Love ya, Laurel
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Simonscans Gracie Puts Her Big Toy In Her Gaping Pussy

Gracie from Simonscans
Hello out there! I'm Gracie and Simonscans is the first site I've ever done nude shoots for. This is a way for me to let out my very naughty side without getting into trouble and it's very much a turn on to know that I'm being seen all over the world by guys with their hard cocks in their hands (I hope!). I like to keep my pussy trimmed or shaved so I can look down and see whatever is going into me. I love to watch my pussy being penetrated by a cock or a big toy. I do so love my toys! It frightens me to think of how many hours I've spent alone with my own dildo collection. Too many hours to count to be sure. A cock IS so much nicer though and nothing fake can compare. Do I have any volunteers? ;)
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Simonscans Martha Is a Pale Skinned Rude Beauty

Martha from Simonscans
Hi, Martha here. These pics are from my fourth shoot with Simonscans I think. I remember the first shoot well because I was itching to get naked and even started undressing in the car on the way to the location. I made Simon let me out and had him take some shots of me right where we were by the side of the road. I was feeling frisky and VERY horny. I don't know why but I've found that doing a photo shoot will make my pussy wetter than any man could. Maybe it's because I know that MANY men are looking at me and stroking their hard cocks and that's almost too much for me to take! By the way, if you can't tell I'm of a very pale skin tone and don't like to get too much sun exposure. I have very sensitive skin so if you're going to fuck me you need to be clean shaven and ready to go hard for quite awhile. I might be sensitive but I do like a good pounding! If you guys like me (and you'd better!) let me know below in the comments and Simon will hopefully let me get even ruder and do a video!
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Simonscans – Beautiful Kaitlin Gapes and Toys Her Ass

Kaitlin from Simonscans
Hello out there in simonscans land! I'm Kaitlin and I'm a 23 year old bar maid from Yorkshire and this is my first time doing nude modeling (or anal gaping shots, for that matter, hehe!). I like to fuck both men and women alike. Women are lovely because they are so much softer and more lickable. I could never give up a good hard cock though! My favorite is to do both a bloke and another girl at the same time though. There is nothing better than having a cock inside me while I lick a pretty, wet pussy to orgasm. Anyway, I hope you like my photos. I've got some nice videos coming soon too so make sure to find those as well. Tell me below if I make your cock hard ;)
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Simonscans – Carie Gets Off Hard In Her Video

Carie from Simonscans
I'm Carie and that's with ONE R, just so you know it's not a typo ;) I love playing with toys and I love being naked and being watched, so what a treat it is to find Simon. He let me have a go at whatever toys I wanted and didn't hesitate to try 4 or 5 of them out. I'm very fussy about how my pussy looks. I try to keep it as neat looking as I can, of course for pics and videos, but also because you never know when you're going to have someone down there giving you a little pleasure. I also love watching my pussy as a nice hard cock (or toy) moves in and out of there. I get SO horny when I can get a nice view of what's going on down there. And while I'm on the subject, nothing gets me off more than hitting my clit with a powerful vibrator while I'm getting fucked like that. Pure heaven!
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Simonscans – Antonia Is Gorgeous and Very Rude

Antonia from Simonscans
Hello, my name is Antonia and I'm a new girl at Simonscans. I've been told by many people that my smile is my best quality. Most of these people have not seen me naked, however. I wonder what they will think now. I am a fun-loving girl and don't let things get me down. I always look on the bright side of life and try to keep everyone around me happy. I bet I could make you happy, what do you think? Would it help if I told you I am hornier than most guys I know? I'm a little shy though so most nights I spend alone with my dildo or my fingers imagining a nice hard cock inside of me. That's just fine with me though as long as I get to cum! I'm going to do a few more shoots with Simon so let me know if you have any ideas. Until then, good night and good sex!
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Simonscans – Abelia Is Explicit and Very Naughty

Abelia from Simonscans
Hi, my name is Abelia and this is my first time being nude and rude on the internet. It is so awesome and such an honor to make my debut on Simonscans. What a wonderful experience I had and I can't even count how many orgasms I had. As you might be able to tell from my pics, I LOVE LOVE LOVE anal. Nothing makes me cum like having one in my pussy and one in my ass. I have a lot more shoots and videos coming up so stay tuned and keep checking back. I'm not sure when they'll be put up but I hope soon!
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Simonscans – Cutie Misty Is Handy With A Dildo

Misty from Simonscans
Hiya, I'm Misty and I'm a new girl over at Simonscans. Nothing makes me happier than having a nice hard cock to ride. Of course, the next best thing will do too ;) I have the most intense orgasms when I have a big plug in my tight and smooth little butthole while I fuck a vibrating dildo. The feeling of that filling up my pussy while it vibrates my clit will send crazy pleasure waves through my body. If a guy walked in, ANY guy, while I was in the middle of that feeling, I would let him fuck me right there on the spot! I'm thinking about that right now and I'm starting to get REALLY wet haha! I think I need to go now! Bye!!
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Simonscans – Juliette Is Back With A Dildo

Juliette from Simonscans
Hello, I'm Juliette and this is my second post of pics from Simonscans for you guys. I get a little friskier in this one. I couldn't resist when Simon asked if I wanted to play with a toy, and what a big one it is! I wasn't sure I could make it fit, but it felt SO good once I did get it in my wet pussy. In fact I had a nice hard orgasm within a few minutes of riding the big blue cock! I've got plenty more pics from this set and a bunch of other sets too at Simonscans! CHeck them out and let me know what you think :)
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