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Lolli from Simonscans
Hi, I'm Lolli :) Simonscans has allowed me to live out some of my nastiest fantasies. A few years ago, I never dreamed I'd be one of those nude girls on the internet baring it all for the whole world to see. Now I can't imagine NOT doing it! I'm an exhibitionist at heart and it completely gets me off to strip down knowing that thousands of people are going to be wanking to my pictures later. I've flicked my bean countless times imagining some horny guy looking at my pics while he strokes his cock. In my fantasy, I'm watching from his closet while he's looking at my nude pictures. After watching him and getting my pussy wet and ready, I would reveal myself and let him know he can have the real thing! Then we'd fuck right there while we watch one of my videos of me fucking my big purple dildo until he drains his balls into my wet pussy! You should go watch my dildo videos at Simonscans and think about that ;)
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